Phone Swap

Trade in your old phone for a new one.

How it works

  1. You will bring your old phone to any of our offices. See all our address here
  2. We will assess and evaluate your old phone.
  3. You will determine a new smartphone of your choice
  4. You will then pay only the difference of the value of the new device and your old phone


Bola’s old phone was evaluated at N25,000 and he would like to swap with a new phone of N40,000. The amount Bola will pay to get his new is N15,000 only.

Phone Repair

Our in-house professional software and hardware engineers are available to rectify any issues your phone might have.

We are well experienced in providing solutions to phone issues such as:

  1. Mouth piece malfunction
  2. Ear piece malfunction
  3. Touch screen error
  4. Broken screen error
  5. Liquid Damage
  6. Charging Port, e.t.c

Phone Insurance

Learn more about our insurance policy inside this document