Phone ethics: Best ways to answer your phone

Ethics is all about the moral correctness of things or actions. For this article we will focus on phone ethics though, not the general concept of ethics, so we will discuss moral correctness as it applies to phones in our day-to-day lives.

Now, you might be wondering what is right or wrong with using a phone you bought with your hard-earned money, or what you should be doing differently when using your phone or, rather, what you should be doing better with your phone.

Well, here are some of the issues you should pay attention to when using your phone:

How you introduce yourself while making a call

To make a sound first impression to someone receiving your call, you can start out by introducing yourself very calmly and articulately. This would definitely make your listener speak back to you calmly and you gain mutual respect. You can as well ask about welfare of your listener to make the conversation more interesting and cordial. Doing this would not only help you achieve your request but earn respect, trust and warmth from the receiver.

Be cautious of the tone of your voice

When on phone with a business contact, you would not want the person on the end of the conversation to notice some bad etiquettes with you such as: shouting, chewing too loudly, loud noises from background and all other forms of distractions. The tone of your voice can give your listener an insight to who you are, what personality you possess.

You need to make your voice your power, let your voice speak your needs with your listener in the right way. The way you speak on phone can easily communicate your attitude to the listener.

Handling shortage of airtime

Sometimes you might be low on call credit. At such times, it is only kind to let your listener know, rather than keep them in the dark. The benefit of this is that it would help your listener take your word for it. When you make a call, you need to make sure you can clearly articulate and communicate what you need to say without rushing your speech so as to end the conversation before your call credit runs out. Always recharge your phone before making a call or tell the receiver that you are low on call credit and would not mind him or her calling back or simply let the person know you would call back later.

Do not disturb others with your call

It can be annoying when you are woken up by the voice of someone who is making a very loud call near you. This can trigger an annoying response from you to the person who is making the call. Always remember to consider if someone will be disturbed by your call before going ahead so as to avoid little quarrels or issues.

Final words. Take your calls very professionally because you never know what being polite can do for you. It can bring the desired success you have been looking for. Your phone can do many more for you with the right attitude. If you are still rude during phone conversations, it might be the reason why you are yet to hear that great news you have been waiting for. Make your phone conversations more polite, interesting and noise-free by making cautious effort to practising good phone ethics every time.

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