spot a fake smartphone

How to spot a fake smartphone

One of the biggest challenges faced by smartphone manufacturers is cloning. Through cloning, many smartphone manufacturers now have their devices illegally replicated.

The smartphone market is full counterfeits so much that it is now harder for customers to tell the difference between original smartphones and their replicas. In Nigeria for example, counterfeits of some of the leading smartphone brands, like Apple iPhone, Samsung, etc., are numerous in the market.

Now, how do you spot them?

In a recent post online, we stumbled on some ways to spot a fake smartphone. These include:

1. Packaging

Original manufacturers often put a lot of care and skill into the packaging of their product. You can spot fake devices by the lack of care and inconsistency in their packaging. Make sure you look at the quality of the print on the package and ensure it has a seal, if not, then it is very likely to be fake.

2. User manual

It is easy to spot a counterfeit device by looking at the user manual that comes with it. Usually, the user manual should be written in the language of the country of purchase and must contain all the important information about the devices.

3. Fonts

Check the fonts on the body of the device as they must be consistent and neat and also check for symbols; if you notice any inconsistency in the fonts and symbols, you might just be holding a fake smartphone.

4. Wires and plugs

The quality of the wires and plugs that come with the device can tell you if it is fake or not. If it is original, the wires has to be firm and the plug should fit with balance.

5. Material

Original manufacturers never cutback on materials that go into production of their smartphones. Look carefully at the case covering the smartphone for creases or any other physical faults. If you find any, then the smartphone might be fake.

6. Branding

The smartphone and accompanying accessories must all have similar branding. Let’s assume you are buying a Samsung device, then the charger, earpiece, battery and the phone must come with the the same Samsung logo design, otherwise, you are buying a fake device.

These are just some of the ways to spot a fake smartphone. If you know more simple ways to identify a fake smartphone, share with us in the comment box.

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