Allo: Google's new smart chat app

Allo: Google’s new smart chat app

Last year, Google stepped out with a new instant messaging app. It is called Allo. But with the bulk of instant messaging apps out there, one would only wonder, ‘Who needs a new instant messaging app?’

That is right. But Google’s new instant messaging app, Allo, has some features that might make all other instant messaging apps seem ‘old school’.

Here, we have a roundup of the most interest features of Allo:

1. Smart reply

This is a mindblowing feature that lets Allo suggest replies to your last message. This is made possible by Google’s machine learning technology, the same type you would find in Google’s Inbox. Over time, Allo’s software would learn your pattern of response and adapt to bring you the most suitable reply suggestions.

2. Whisper Shout

With the Whisper Shout feature, you can increase or decrease the size of a message to give a sense of volume. A smaller size would signify a whisper, while a larger size would mean a shout! This is fun. If you have been wanting to yell at someone over chat, you could try this out.

3. Google Assistant

Allo has Google Assistant integrated into it, so you can ask questions and receive replies in a conversational style from Google’s virtual assistant while chatting within the app. Ask about food and it would bring several food related suggestion to you, including nearby restaurants and eateries.

4. Incognito mode

Before its release, Google promised that Allo would have strong privacy with an end-to-end encryption feature active by default. But, when Allo finally launched, Google decided to have end-to-end encryption inactive by default. Rather, Allo came with an incognito mode which allowed expiring chats, private notifications and end-to-end encryption.

5. Mobile number associated

Like WhatsApp, Allo has to be tied to a mobile number. After installing the app and you open it, you would be prompted to add your mobile number to setup Allo. Even when you switch the phone line in your device, Allo would still work with the former phone number you registered during setup. Messages are relayed on Allo using phone numbers. Allo allows you to message someone who has not installed Allo on their phone too. They would get an SMS and they can reply without installing the app.

Try out Allo and let us know what you think. You would need a smartphone to use Allo. If you do not have one, you can buy from any XRight store near you or on our website.


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